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Bahrain offers unparalleled access to other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets through efficient road, air, and sea connections. Serving as an ideal entry point into the Middle East, Bahrain has emerged as an operational hub for major organisations with business interests in the GCC and the broader Middle East and North Africa region. With its strategic position, Bahrain serves as a natural gateway to the GCC’s $1.5 trillion market, with especially favourable access to Saudi Arabia, the largest market in the region.

Bahrain possesses the most diverse economy in the Middle East, with a significant contribution from its financial sector. Other key sectors include telecommunications, transportation, and tourism. The country is ranked first in the world for ease of paying taxes according to The World Bank’s Doing Business report. Bahrain is actively investing $30 billion in 18 high-value development projects across seven sectors, which involve expanding the urbanised area by 60%, enhancing transportation links with S. Arabia.

Invest in Bahrain: Diverse Economy, Low Taxes, and Promising Growth Sectors Await Foreign Investors

Favourable Business Environment

Bahrain offers a business-friendly environment with no personal or corporate taxation and allows 100% foreign ownership. Operating costs are lower than many neighbouring countries, and the workforce is educated and engaged.

Infrastructure Projects

 Bahrain has launched large-scale infrastructure projects, including the Bahrain International Airport Modernization Program, the Saudi Causeway, the BAPCO Modernization Program, and the Bahrain Metro project. These projects present investment opportunities for foreign investors.

Diversified Economy

Bahrain has made significant progress in diversifying its economy through initiatives like Bahrain Vision 2030, the Bahrain Metro Project, the Saudi Causeway, and the BAPCO Modernization Program. The government has planned $30 billion in spending to stimulate the economy and attract investment.

Financial Technologies

Bahrain is a leading FinTech hub in the Middle East, offering a regulatory sandbox for fintech firms to test new products and services. Bahrain FinTech Bay has been established to support the growth of the financial technology sector.

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